Editorial Panel

nick busalacchi

BioPic-NickNick Busalacchi is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) concentrating on economic development. He serves as Managing Editor of Rebuilding Troy and is a research associate at the USC Center for Economic Development. His economic development interests center on innovative financing mechanisms for infrastructure and land-related improvements. Nick is most interested in making planning more accessible to non-academics and better engaging the public on issues affecting the human and built environments. He firmly believes the key to creating more livable and equitable places is through broader knowledge and participation. He views filmmaking and data visualization as vital tools for sharing the stories of our cities.

Outside of USC, you can find Nick enjoying hiking, photography, improv comedy, and creative writing. On weekends, you’re likely to find him (beer in hand) cheering loudly for his home-state Badgers and Packers. He spends more money than he should traveling, bouncing around Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. His next stop: Brazil.

katherine bray

BioPic-KatherineKatherine Bray is a dual Master of Planning/Master of Arts candidate (May 2014) concentrating on social and community planning and art and curatorial practice in the public sphere. Her aim in writing is to introduce people to the work of artists whose efforts address issues and questions shared by planners, designers, policy makers, and community organizers. By elevating examples of artistic projects that intervene in spaces and places, she hopes to broaden public awareness of creative and useful models that interrogate our assumptions and inspire us toward innovative modes of practice and problem solving.

She came to USC for the remarkable opportunity to earn dual Masters degrees in both Planning at USC Price as well as Arts at the Roski School of Fine Art. She has loved being part of these two very distinct academic communities, and has learned much from the two fields’ respective compliments and contradictions.

Katherine moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans, LA, where she worked for several years in the non-profit and arts sectors pre- and post-Katrina.

cynthia de la torre


A Los Angeles native from Los Feliz, Cynthia de la Torre is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) concentrating in sustainable land use. She also holds her Bachelor’s degree in Literary Journalism from the University of California, Irvine. Prior to enrolling at Sol Price, she worked as a city news and government reporter for AOL’sPatch.com.  Cynthia is particularly interested in developments close to bodies of water as well as planning operations surrounding goods movement at the ports of LA and Long Beach.  Her dream job upon graduating–besides being the star of her own comedy show–would be to work as a correspondent for NPR, reporting on sustainable projects around the world.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking in Griffith Park with her hyperactive cattle dog mix, Scout.

clare eberle

BioPic-ClareClare Eberle is in the second year of a three-year program combining USC’s Master of Planning and Master of Arts in Curatorial Practice in the Public Sphere. She spends most of her time thinking about the growing role of artists, art projects and organizations in facilitating community dialogue, developing creative solutions to social challenges, and giving voice to many publics.

Clare is concentrating in sustainable land use planning, a skill set she hopes will serve her interests in promoting more integrated and human-friendly development and encouraging formal and informal creative activity. She is currently researching her MA thesis, an investigation of artists’ employment of urban walking as a political and pedagogical tool.

A native of Portland, OR (a standard by which she measures all cities), Clare has since lived in Durham, NC; Washington, DC; and New York, NY. She likes thinking about pedestrian revolutions, spying on her neighbors, surfing eBay, doing yoga and sampling microbrews.

eli glazier


Eli Glazier is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Eli attended the Pennsylvania State University where he was a Schreyer Scholar, graduating with a degree in International Politics. In addition to writing for Rebuilding Troy, Eli works for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation Bicycle Program. In his free time, Eli enjoys drinking coffee, eating cheese, riding bikes, and making maps. His twitter account is @eliglazier, and his email is eglazier AT usc DOT edu.

peter kroner


Peter Kroner is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) concentrating on economic development and pursuing a Certificate of Real Estate Development. He’s interested in industrial/manufacturing space creation, specifically for food manufacturing, food distribution, food access, and grocery retail.

He hopes to adaptively reuse vacant warehouse space in low-income areas with the intended focus of offering affordable manufacturing rental space to food manufacturers, food distributors, and grocery retail businesses. He also hopes to offer business services/consulting services to these businesses so they can outgrow the space he provides them. A side-benefit of this will be the creation of local job opportunities for low-income residents and better food access within our community.

Peter firmly believes in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation, and its ability to provide methods of economic advancement for all. He also believes concentrations of such businesses offer benefits for the local community by generating job opportunities, career advancement opportunities, and reinvestment interest.

He is following in the footsteps (albeit very large footsteps) of Neil Armstrong through his attendance at both Purdue University (undergraduate) and the University of Southern California. Fight On, and Boiler Up!

adrienne lindgren


Adrienne Lindgren is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) concentrating on economic development. While her undergraduate background lies in international relations, she was drawn to planning because of the discipline’s unique tangibility and universality.  Adrienne’s research and writing is primarily concerned with the unequal patterns of distribution of development occurring across regions and territories.  She seeks to investigate new and creative ways for communities to organize and mobilize resources to achieve a more equitable and sustainable future, and is particularly interested in using comparative analysis to better understand how regions across the world are cooperating in response to urban and financial stress.

Adrienne’s career aspirations are simple: to lead a radical revolution of social, economic and political inclusion through a transformation in the built environment.   her email is adrienneclindgren@gmail.com.

dami olubanwo

BioPic-DamiDami Olubanwo is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) concentrating on transportation. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, she is highly interested in the building/creation of roads, airports, parking garages…pretty much anything to do with transportation, infrastructure, and Africa.

Dami has always been interested in infrastructural projects. However, after she moved to Lagos to work, she constantly questioned why the traffic was RIDICULOUS and why there weren’t more road networks in Western Africa. She eventually hopes to become a transportation consultant working on transportation projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dami is an admitted adrenaline and travel junkie. SERIOUS Junkie!

julia wick

BioPic-JuliaJulia Wick is a Senior at the Sol Price School of Public Policy. She will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Planning in May. Her focus is on social issues in cities, and she is currently an intern at the Breed Street Shul Project in Boyle Heights.

As a Los Angeles native, she is particularly interested in the history and mythology of her oft-misunderstood city. She is also a contributor at the website Longreads, where she creates curated reading lists on various topics. Other interests include public transportation, modern American poetry, and Raymond Chandler.

boyang zhao


Boyang Zhao is a Master of Planning candidate (May 2014) concentrating on transportation and infrastructure.  His interests revolve around urban form and planning transportation projects. His ultimate goal is to work for a regional transportation agency to promote public transit in metropolitan areas.

Boyang is eternally curious, wanting to know more, feel more, and do more for city planning. He’s enthusiastic about everyday life in the city and anything related to urbanity. Additionally, he loves playing tennis and invites anybody who enjoys the game to call him. He’s an intermediate player, but aggressive, so watch out!