Riding the Train Like It’s Golden: A Poetic Journey Through the Gold Line’s Artwork

LA- City of Angels


At Union the pigeons,
Take over the ceilings
Look out for it’s not pee
Get on the train as fast as you can
Sit on the left to see

The Wheels of Change

Ni hao oh my brothers
My Taoist mothers
What does the wheel say today
“Not fire not mountains not thunder not lake
Just the winds to carry you away”

Water Street- River of Dreams (image 2)

To Lincoln and cypress
I must confess
There’s nothing much to see
But if you can dream a river of dreams
The LA River from your mind will stream

El Quetzalcoatl de Xochicalco and Le Gente del Pueblo

Oh Heritage! What heritage?
The Mesoamerican heritage.
Step out, yes! step out and see
Carved in lime stone Ojuelos lime stone is
The Quetzalcoatl serpent deity

Highland Park Gateway

Look up for the guardian
They say they’re Victorian
No eyes no ears no mouth?
Alas! More guardians, not really sure why
Pointing north, west and south

Stone Tree Inverted Post (Copper Bound Water Light)

Highland invites us
With pretty green ficus
A happy tree huggers delight
But one won’t delight you, its feel would alarm you
You’ll see why, when its in sight.


Left! Right! The woven man
Chants eternally like only he can.
On granite cubes he stumps his feet
Reminding us to move on
From South Pasadena back to Union

Photo credit: Metro.net


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