Under One Blue Sky…Kites! Charity! Emergency USA!

Dear Friends!

Join us and the rest of the world as we fly kites sky high to symbolize peace while having a blast with friend and family!

Your support will help the non-profit Emergency USA, who are dedicated to saving civilian victims in war torn areas around the world. How, you might ask? Just show up!

Just by showing up and participating in a worldwide event brings awareness all the while having fun along the way. But those who also have spare change can contribute further by helping us raise 10,000 that can change the lives of those who deserve better. We also have a few volunteer spots left, email me if you want to be a volunteer for the event at: Joanna@usc.edu

Sunday, October 14th

The event will host:
12pm Optional reception featuring a guest speaker
(free lunch provided so pitch in a couple dollars please!)**
2:30pm KITE FLYING @ Crescent Bay Park next to Santa Monica Beach. Be ready to take lots of pics!
To RSVP and get more details, click here!

**Once you’ve RSVPd, check out our FB event page and spread the word!

– Joanna Gummy Lee, Master’s in Global Medicine (Keck School of Medicine)


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