Check out the Trojan Real Estate Association!

The Trojan Real Estate Association is the leading Real Estate organization at USC for undergraduates. From site visits to professional panels and workshops to excursions in New York and Spain, TREA taps into Southern California’s vast Real Estate Network to create unique opportunities for its members to take advantage of. Perhaps the most valuable opportunities are the internships that members have been able to snag through interactions with prominent professionals in the industry, many of whom are TREA and USC alums. If there are any Trojans out there thinking of pursuing a career in real estate, the Trojan Real Estate Association can pave the way for the future.

For more information, check out our website.

–¬†Patrick Martinez, Progressive Student with B.S. in Real Estate Development and MPL, Concentration: Economic Development

TREA’s Opening Day USC vs Hawaii Tailgate
Photo By: Edlin Yousefi (V.P. of TREA Marketing)


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