Velopresso: Adding Exercise to the Food Truck Model of Mobile, Urbanized Food Services

We all have our favorite food trucks (mine is Coolhaus Ice Cream), but there are all kinds of issues with food trucks in relation to the building department. How long can a truck be in one spot? How do local businesses feel about them? Is it sanitary? Is the truck continuing to kill the ozone while it’s sitting there?

I just read a blog on Architizer talking about a set of innovative entrepreneurs in London who takes mobile food to the next level, and do it in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Amos Field and Lasse Oiva, both graduates of the Royal College of Art in London have started Velopresso, a coffee house on wheels. Even better, pedaling the bike works the coffee grinder, talk about your daily cardio!

That just looks like a fun job.
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I think part of the fun of food trucks is that you have to either know their schedule, or just happen to walk by their stop. It’s not as if there’s a permanent location that you can just google and show up during any normal business hours. Imagine walking down the streets of London on a cold day and seeing this guy ride by selling cappuccinos!

Let’s say this becomes the next food truck trend and hops over the pond to the US. The question for planners is: how would we ever regulate that kind of system? Would they need a permit? How would they be cited for not having a permit if they are never in the same place? How do you ensure the product is safe? Is there sales tax? Would the IRS know about this business? …In general: How do you plan for off-grid mobile businesses?

– Stephanie Byrd, 2nd Year MPL, Concentration: Design and Preservation of the Built Environment


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