International Planning Opportunities at USC

This past summer I traveled to Brazil and then China for two separate international planning opportunities provided to students through USC.

On May 20, 2011 I stepped onto a Korean Air flight that would be the beginning of an incredible summer of international experiences. My first stop was Rio de Janeiro where a group of USC students from various disciplines, including myself, would spend two weeks rounding out a semester of studies attempting to discover insights into how Brazil’s top tourist destination could use catalytic projects and policies to develop a positive social and economic legacy as part of their preparations for the 2016 Olympics. While in Rio de Janeiro we were privileged enough to meet with leading officials of the City, Region, and State, as well as with Olympic Committee members.

Advertisement for Maracanã stadium, which is being renovated for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Photo provided by the author.

We presented our recommendations to a panel of these officials before we left. The trip and class was a great planning experience as well as a wonderful international adventure. It supplied an opportunity to work on an incredibly large project, provided insight into the scale of coordination efforts necessary for mega sporting events, and taught us another country’s planning methods and culture.

After one week being back from Rio de Janeiro, I boarded an Air Canada flight to Beijing, China. I had applied earlier that year through Career Services for the fellow program at the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD)  and was awarded the opportunity to live in China for two months while working for CAUPD. I had no idea of the type or scope of project I would work on while I was in China but went with anticipation that it would be another mega planning project.

Beautiful landscape in China. Photo provided by the author.

For the two months in China, I worked on a contracted project for Luanda, Angola. The contract was providing regional and local planning documents for the City of Luanda and the regional area surrounding it. This project was a great deal larger in scope and in importance than what I had worked on up until then, since Luanda is a hyper-urbanized city within a country suffering from a high rate of urban primacy brought about by 25 years of civil war. This project was also difficult since socioeconomic data for a population of over 6 million people was non-existent, as census data had not been gathered for over twenty five years. This experience was incredible and offered me more planning practice in a foreign country and an insight into regional and national level planning.

 Both experiences were well worth the time, travel, and cost. For a graduate planning student such as myself, interested in sustainable and just developments both regionally and internationally, these trips were great, practical proving grounds for ideas, practices, and potential policies that I might use in the future. I hope everyone who is interested in traveling while studying at the Price School of Public Policy gets a chance, and those who still have time during their degree should certainly find out more information about what is available!
-Daniel Inloes
2nd Year MPL, Sustainable Land Use Concentration

One response to “International Planning Opportunities at USC

  1. Hello! First of all congratulations for your website very interesting. I am an angola urban planner working in Luanda for a consultancy company and the fact of you have been in CAUPD is very interesting! I would like to enter in contact with CAUPD for any new projects in Angola, do you perharps can give me some contact email of anyone there?

    If you need something from here just tell me!

    Best Regards

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