Hollywood Farmers Market: A Unique Urban Form

The market is a unique built environment, crucial to this moment in history. This colorful shopping takes advantage of an existing street, at a time when it is underused, and adds only temporary, portable structures to meet its needs. Despite its flimsy construction, it is a powerful force in the neighborhood and the city. It brings people out of their cars and into a community. It distributes locally grown, pesticide-free food, promoting healthy diets and minimizing carbon emissions. A video was necessary to capture the movement inherent in this built environment. From the tents that support it, to the people that traverse it, everything is in motion. At a time when our government lacks funds to build permanent infrastructure, our planet demands responsible action, and our population requires healthy living, farmers markets are a simple yet brilliant solution to innumerable issues.

-Marie Sullivan
2nd Year MPL, Design Concentration

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