Photo Blog VII: China Expo, Summer 2010

From May 1 to October 31, 2010, the China Expo took place in Shanghai, China. Over the course of these several months, over 73 million people visited what is currently the largest World’s Fair in history. The hosting of this event resulted in the construction of various structures of differing sizes in Shanghai. At the same time, not every structure was slated to be kept after the conclusion of the Expo. We chose the selection this week not only to highlight the expanse of a project from one person’s viewpoint, but to also pose the question of what we consider to be permanent and adaptable and what we expect to be permanent upon construction. For this reason, we declined to note if all of the buildings and qualities of spatial design were retained post-Expo.

Below, we present to you just one look at a night experience in an temporary and yet permanent environment.

Source: May Phutikanit, MPL ’11


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