Welcome to Plan On! Trojans

Plan On! Trojans was initially envisioned as a blogging platform that would allow the Associated Students of Planning and Development (ASPD) at the University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning, and Development to communicate various ideas such as professional development and cool events and news regarding urban planning in Los Angeles.

When we sat down in January to hash out the details, however, we found that we could do this, and on a much taller order, provide something much more. Ideas on the table were not only in regards to the news and professional development opportunities, but also photo blogs, and articles series on various topics ranging from economic development to local architecture, movies and other commentary on urban planning and form. In compiling our list, we saw so much potential as to what this blog could be, not just a platform for showing our students the world, but a vehicle in which we can contribute towards the discussion and development of our perceptions and ideas of urban planning.

It is with pride and pleasure that on behalf of all the individuals who contributed to the development of this blog over the past several months of planning and development, and the current editorial staff, that I present to you Plan On! Trojans, an urban planning, policy, and development blog run by students from the School of Planning, Policy, and Development at USC.

In the upcoming days, months, and hopefully years, we hope to, and will be, bringing you content ranging from a photo blog to commentary on items ranging from economic development in Southern California to a look at how to navigate the complex Metro System in Los Angeles. From academic to serious commentary, to fun, whimsical articles, we sincerely believe that our blog will contribute to the further development and innovation of planning ideas which affect us all now and as we move into the future.

We hope that, in some way, our content will inspire debate and for you to think about urban planning, development, and policy as they apply to you and the people you know in a myriad of ways. Thank you for visiting this blog. We look forward to your next visit, your comments, and your submissions, and we encourage you contact us at trojanplanner@gmail.com.

Fight On! Planners

Edward Ng

Editor-in Chief, Plan On! Trojans


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